It is as simple as that

You speak with your visitors and open the door by smartphone – from anywhere in the world. DoorBird combines innovative technology with exclusive design. A smart solution – Made in Germany.


Best selling WiFi video door station in Europe. As featured on:

High tech makes life easier
With DoorBird you will not miss any more deliveries – because you will be informed right away when the postman rings. This innovative idea was developed by the Bird Home Automation Group located in Berlin and San Francisco.
You can rely on this solution
Do not compromise on safety. Most burglaries happen during the day when no one is at home. With the DoorBird you can respond to visitors from anywhere in the world.

Nothing escapes the motion sensor
Perfect all-round visibility: Thanks to the integrated high-end motion sensor you always know what happens in front of your home. The 180° infrared motion sensor can, if desired, set off an alarm – without the visitor having rung the doorbell.
Convenience at any age
Do you remember the time you learned how to answer the phone cautiously with your parents? It's even more important to know who is in front of your door. DoorBird combines convenience and security - at any age.

Quality for a safer home.
DoorBird is manufactured in Germany. A guarantee for the highest levels of quality and production standards. Temperature-resistant from -20° to +40° C, rain water protection in accordance with IP54 industry standard, a stylish product design with high quality stainless steel models.
The BirdGuard doesn’t miss a trick
Do you want greater security? With the indoor and outdoor add-on BirdGuard you can see what the visitor is doing after you have opened the door. You can send burglars packing with a siren of 100dB or a loud announcement.
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Compare us with the rest
The best is just not good enough for our demanding customers. Therefore we don’t shy away from comparisons to our competitors. Be convinced!

DoorBird offers a wide range of compelling advantages

Easy to install
Mounts in minutes. No professional help or special tools required.
WiFi connected
Connects via your WiFi network and alternatively via Ethernet cable.

Rings your smartphone
Pairs with up to 8 devices. Also listen and talk to visitors using your smartphone or tablet.
Visitor history
Secure visitor history with image, date and time.
HDTV video
The video door station features a high quality HDTV camera for crystal clear live video.
Multiple connectors
E.g. Connects to your existing door chime and door opener.
Motion sensor
Built-in infrared motion sensor for alarms, to prevent burglaries.
Check what the visitor is doing once you have opened the door and expel intruders through talking loud or a siren sound.
iOS & Android
Available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Real Night-Vision function and Ultra wide-angle hemispheric lens, 180°
Rain, snow, heat and frost proof according to industry standard
Quality made in Germany
Designed and engineered in Germany

Only the best for your home

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Комбинирана аларма-sсирена A001

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